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sudden loss of power? & rpms HELP!

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so last night i was driving home got pulled over shut the jeep off when i was done with the officer i started her back up again and it seemed like it was really slugish, like i can not get it over 3500 RPMs when in gear but when there is no load on it i can rev it all i want. i have a few ideas but i am not sure what could be wrong, i was thinking clogged cat or i dropped a cylinder, the air intake is alright but it just seems really slugish and i need it fixed due to the fact its my DD. I am hoping its the catalytic converter but i just wanted some one elses knowledge and/or advice on what to look at.
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I can see that you are an intelligent are selling the Ford motor and looking for a good small black. I would try a fuel filter and look at the plugs. Might as well start with the cheap easy stuff. Of course we all need to know, what did you do wrong to have that little chat with the police.
At least it didn't cost you anything.
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