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sudden loss of power? & rpms HELP!

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so last night i was driving home got pulled over shut the jeep off when i was done with the officer i started her back up again and it seemed like it was really slugish, like i can not get it over 3500 RPMs when in gear but when there is no load on it i can rev it all i want. i have a few ideas but i am not sure what could be wrong, i was thinking clogged cat or i dropped a cylinder, the air intake is alright but it just seems really slugish and i need it fixed due to the fact its my DD. I am hoping its the catalytic converter but i just wanted some one elses knowledge and/or advice on what to look at.
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turns out it was the cat, ripped it off last night and all internals of the cat are now out or they are stuck in my muffler...not to happy about that but the cat is now hollow!

ok so the story: i go to school in the middle of no where in maine(castine) basically the road to school is not traveled by anyone but students, speed limit like 45 student speed = as fast as you can go pretty much. so i am coming back late at night cruising in the jeep at about 60 ish coming up on a car kinda quick guy jacks on his brakes so i slow down to the speed limit in that area of 35. i see the plates, its a sheriff. so i am crapping my pants thinking he has a radar on me he pulls over to the side of the road and lets me by then pulls me right over. So i am gettin ready to get yet another ticket when the cop comes to my window and says " im very embarresed right now im going to have to apologize i thought you were an ATV have a nice night" I was in disbelief, then the jeep got all messed up i guess it was karma kicking me in the arse.

that is the gods honest truth, you cant make something like that up.
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