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Sway Bar

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The sway bar is connected using sway bar links which are held on by a nut and bolt. It probably came loose and fell off, it is probably not broken just needs a new nut and bolt. Given that this was at a dealership, have them tow it back at their expense. It is not recommended to drive unless you can connect the sway bar again.

Is the sway bar link disconnected or did the sway bar bracket (The one that holds the sway bar up) actually come loose/break?
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I had four new tires put on my 2004 Rubicon about a month ago. While I was at tire dealer they did an alignment and told me both front tires were pointing toward one another. They said they had "heat it up" to do the alignment. Not sure if that meant a blow torch or what...

Jeep rode great for a few weeks other than on slow, tight right turns (like pulling in the driveway or tight parking spot) when I would hear a thunk sound from passenger side front.

So 4 days ago the thunk stopped but now I have lots of play in the steering wheel. I have discovered that the passenger side sway bar is no longer connected. Probably broken but I'm not a mechanic.

So...I have 4 questions...

1. Could the alignment have initiated the break? 2. Is it safe to drive?
3. How much is it going to cost to replace/fix?
4. Do I have any leverage to go back to tire dealer if the alignment was the cause?

Thanks in advance for your advice/help!!

Oh! I should also mention I had axle replaced in December.

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You can drive it but its kind of dangerous. Your sway bars keep you from rolling over while taking a turn. Not having it connected is great for off road but not so much on the pavement. Its a cheap junkyard part or try Craig's List.

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It's not dangerous to drive without the antiswaybar connected, you just can't/shouldn't anyway drive it like a race car. Take it easy on curvy roads and it will be fine until you can get the antiswaybar reconnected with a replacement link.

1) No, the alignment would not have broken that link, which is prone to break anyway. It's a common problem that is quickly, easily, and inexpensively fixed by simply installing a replacement link. The broken link cannot be repaired.

A factory replacement link would be expensive from the dealer but they should be a dime-a-dozen or maybe even free used from people who have replaced theirs with quick disconnect antiswaybar links or Currie Antirock antiswaybars.

I'd place an ad in the Parts Wanted section here and at after looking through the ads to see if anyone has a pair for sale.

Or if you plan to offroad, it would be smart to just replace the broken link and the other unbroken link with a pair of quick-disconnect links from someplace like JKS. Which would probably be near the same cost as buying a new OE link from the dealer. :)
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