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We're finishing up the Southeast Wisconsin leg of the Southern Wisconsin Overlanding Route that'll go from the Horicon Marsh up to Washington Island and it'll be in the rl4wd directory soon for download.

It'll also link to the Wisconsin River leg and extend down to Platteville.

2020 we'll have the Midwest leg up that'll connect into IA, IL, MN, and MI. All these Overlanding tours and routes will be free to download in our directory.

The test events we've done so far in 2019 had a very positive response from folks. These tours also go by our crawling trail locations that members can request private rides at via our Trail Ambassador and Chapter network of Wisconsin.

Things are really taking off in WI and we're working now to get a public Slow Speed Trail system to keep things funded and growing. We want to help make Wisconsin a top Overlanding and Crawling destination!

just search rl4wd for our site and facebook group and such. I can't post links here because we have ads on our site to pay for trail development and thus, I'm not allowed to link to it from this forum.
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