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Like anyone that needs a good dependable winch I know one of the most important components is the fairlead that protects the synthetic line. It is going to be the pressure point for all loading on the line during a pull and is required to be very smooth to prevent excessive wearing, chaffing of the softer rope while guiding the line onto the spool/drum under a load.

The most common configuration we see are fairleads usually constructed of polished aluminum with or without a sealer to protect it from the elements. A sealer on the metal can help separate it from any un-like metals that might create electrolysis and corrosion.

There was a very good coat of a plastic style sealer on mine when I purchased and installed the winch. The sealer WARN used on mine did just that; it protected my line up until recently.

The corrosion started simply enough like pin headed size spots and they grew to look like the metal was just flaking off.

When contacted WARN Customer Service determined the protectant on my fairlead came from a bad batch and sent me a new fairlead within days of the call.

I can say I am a happy customer and THANK YOU WARN!
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