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I HATE the idea of sending this vehicle to a salvage yard. Prior to this, she was in great shape. Regularly had folks ask if I was interested in selling. (My answer was a quick and emphatic, "Nope.") A 2003, with only 115K. I use it as a daily driver, so no off-roading either. (I know, I know...)
Jeeps don't spend much time in salvage yards. Someone will pick it up and rebuild it or part it out, so why not do it yourself? The insurance company is going to cut you a check for it anyway.

I had my LJ totaled in a front end wreck. The insurance company offered me $15K for it. I said the only way I would take $15K is if I got to keep the Jeep. They said, no problem, keep it. Now I'm half way through rebuilding an insane custom LJ. You will have to apply for a salvage title, which is no problem. Once it is rebuilt, you apply for a rebuilt title and have it inspected.

Post some pictures so we can get idea of the damage and how much it will take to get her a rebuilt title. I thought for sure that my frame was toast after my wreck. After tearing it down, the frame was still dead straight. I Safe-T-Capped the frame anyway, and I got a HP 30 from the junkyard to replace the trashed front axle. In my collision, the front axle and all of the front control arm mounts absorbed most of the impact. You mentioned that you were able to drive the Jeep home after the accident. That leads me to believe that it may not take too much work to make it legal again.

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