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Got a lot done with 3hrs of work yesterday, and about 6 more today.
Removed entire suspension, steering, brakes, axles.

Still waiting on parts to arrive to start the assembly.

On the list for replacement/install (all parts ordered, just waiting for UPS!:thumb:):

-TJ front long axle swap
-front axle u joints
-make cover plate for 4x4 vacuum shift fork
-change out front axle seals (need some pointers on this per TJ axle swap)
-diff cover gaskets/new fluids
-ball joints
-all tie rods
-Rough Country 4" lift w/upgrade shocks
-boomerang shackles
-Prothane shackle bushings
-sway bar bushings
-all driveshaft u joints
-parking brake cables (3)
-brake booster/master cylinder
-new hard brake lines
-front hub/wheel bearings
-rear wheel bearings
-Dynomax exhaust
-Magnaflow cat
-new Bosch 4 nozzle injectors
-new rear upper shock mounts (passenger side looking weak- good friend is a fabricator full time)
-clean frame, Metal Prep & Por15
-paint as much as possible while its all stripped down

Items I highlighted I could use some pointers on.
Are the axles in these Dana rears c-clips? I need to pull them off to clean and paint the backing plates.
I assume I can tackle the seals and bearings at the same time.

Is there a quick way to get a cover for the shift fork assembly on the front?
I was going to cut one out of some thin plate and paint it, RTV and seal it up.
Whats the deal with the internal seals now that I am going to a TJ axle?
I see the one seal inside the tube thru the fork cover, and also see the splined carrier for the old two piece axle, does that need to be removed?
I dont have my TJ axle yet, it will probably make more sense once I have the axle in hand.

Last item for now, my fuel tank skid plate is shot. Are the tank straps built into the skid plate system? Or does the plate drop, then the tank is held with straps?
Also, anyone know of a cheap replacement skid plate option? All I see are new units for $200+. Can I use a CJ skid? They are much cheaper.

Anything else I should be doing while I am this deep?
I am keeping the front track bar and sway bar. My girlfriend will be using this Jeep for commuting this winter, and she does a lot of highway driving.
I think I will remove the rear though, as I had to cut one end off to get it off the frame.



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Made a lot of progress.

Both front and rear Danas have new seals, and painted.
Leaf springs installed onto axles front and rear.
New ball joints installed.
Stainless brakes line run, still need to swap out master and booster.
Entire frame wire brushed, hand sanded, POR15 brushed on.
Entire underside of body painted with Rustoleum Rust Reformer spray.
Duplicolor Bed Armor sprayed on under body areas that will collect tire slinging stuff.
Fuel tank dropped, cleaned, new sender/pump installed, waiting on new skid plate to hang it.
New body side shackle bushings installed.
Oil pan dropped, cleaned, painted, waiting on gasket to install.
Exhaust removed, need to fab one mount for new Dynomax system.
Passenger rear shock mount removed, my buddy is coming this weekend to weld new mount on.

I should have the entire front end put together by the end of the weekend, sitting on the tires. Depending on timing of my buddy welding, I might have the rear sitting down too.

Still have a lot of parts left in a pile that need to get installed. Havent touched the engine yet as far as doing a tune up goes. But the Jeep ran well when I got it, just had no brakes. Also, havent touched any u joints yet.

Ive been staying for 3hrs everyday after work, and working 3-8PM on Saturdays, and 9-3 on Sundays. I think I can finally see the end in the near future. Hope to have it rolling by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

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Couple pics of the rear axle setup. Ready to drop in after the shock mount gets welded.


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Got a lot done this week.
Shock mount welded.
Axles installed.
Shocks installed.
Front end complete minus brakes.
Rear end complete minus brakes.
Replaced master cyl and booster.

Should have it rolling next weekend


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