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Temporary CB ... Magnetic Mount Possible?

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This may be a silly question, but for reasons I can't really go into without boring everyone, I can't permanently mount a CB in my Jeep.
I'm looking at temporary options for the occasional road trip and/or off-roading excursion.

Do any of you have a recommended CB for this type of temporary application? Also, for an antenna mount, I am thinking the only metal part that a magnetic mount would work is just in front of the windshield or on the hood itself since the top is not metal. Any thoughts on that is appreciated as well.
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Mag mount antenna's work, not the best but they do work. Yep you have o put it on the hood. Ok for highway use, I would not use them on a trail. Too easy to get knocked off with branches.
Grab a K30, you're good to go.
Went into a Walmart and asked about CB Radios and antennas and the blank stare I got in return was priceless. I don't think they've been asked for that in more than 10 years. The manager came by, and being a bit older, he laughed and said, "No. Not a lot of demand anymore for those. They're an online only item. Are you a trucker?" LOL

Looks like I should order a CB and antenna.
Portable CB

I have a Cobra 38 WXST which is a portable handheld CB. I go on a lot of rides with others and it works fine. CB's are only good for line of site anyway. Mine seems to work up to maybe a mile at the most but for me, that is perfect. I put the magnet antenna on the hood, route the wire through the door hinge area and close the door. The wire does not get smashed. If you are not going to go into brushy areas, don't worry about putting it on your hood. For that matter, your radio antenna is also in the wrong spot for bushes.

I ordered the Cobra antenna with the Cobra unit, along with the adapter for the antenna to fit on the CB. All for under $100. The antenna does not move from my hood, even when going 65mph. The antenna is the HG A-1000 and the adapter is HA-BNC (about $7)
Thanks ... good info!

I am was planning to run the wire through the easy access spot through the firewall. I am concerned about putting it through the door at all mainly because of the seals and the possible 'dent' it would put in the rubber seal that could cause leaking later.

I think running the wire under the hood through the hole should be fairly quick and easy.
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