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Anyone seen this trailer? Or own it? Plenty of options and accessories, a tad pricey but awesome nonetheless. Ive seen other offroad camping trailers, but this one matches the jeeps lines way better, as well as it can be styled with whatever youre running

Never thought id see a trailer that looks more capable than the vehicle towing it :D
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I've see one!

They had a few at SEAMA a few years ago.

If I had tons of cash I'd have one.

It would be so cool to have your campsite set up in so quickly!

But what I hate most is all the time it takes to tear down my campsite; (I hate my trip coming to an end) it woulld be nice to be packed up in about as much time a it takes to roll a sleaping bag.

I have emailed and called them several times they have never returned a call or an emeil. :mad:
I don't have one but I have been to that site many times and drooled over those trailers. Cool stuff!
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