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TeraFlex Control Arms

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I am currently in the process of installing a 3" teraflex lift kit that comes with 4 flex arms. Everything was going OK until I needed to install the rear upper control arms. The directions say that it should be set for 18 1/2" which I would imagine is center to center on the bolt holes. Is this correct? The instructions also show the adjustable side of the arm going to the rear axle... this does not appear to be correct... as the arms call out which side they are for and say sticker up. It also appears there is approx. a 1" difference now with the control arm lining up into the rear axle bracket. I would imagine I just need to shift it around after I put the springs in? Hope this isn't to vague of a question.
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I should also mention this is for a 2016 JKU
Ive attached some photos showing how I think it should be versus the directions. This placement also follows the same path as the factory ca.


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This threw me for a second so I ran down & consukted by archives. Yes, on the TF short arm suspension the flex joint goes to the frame side, the fixed end goes to the axle side. (It's just the opposite with the long arm suspension.) Yes, you measure length center to center on the holes. Do one arm at a time. Just slide the bolts in and put a nut on finger tight. Leave the jam nut loose. After you install the first one the second should be fairly easy to install, you'll just have to muscle the axle a bit to get the bolts in.

You might want to move the zerk fitting on the flex joint to the top, makes it easier to lube later on.
Thanks for the info guys. I believe I was sent the wrong info with the arms. They line right up with the joint to the frame. I will be adjusting the pinion to -2 degrees.
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