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TeraFlex High-Angle CV driveshafts for the JK Wrangler – In Stock

Introducing driveshafts that not only smooth up your drivetrain on the highway but maintain maximum strength and torque transfer at high angles!

TeraFlex High-Angle Rzeppa CV Driveshafts combine the smooth torque transfer of a CV joint with the high-angle misalignment of a traditional U-joint. This unique Rzeppa CV Joint and high-angle boot are designed for the extreme angles associated with larger lift heights. Laser welded 2-3/8” carbon steel tubing results in superior strength and longevity. Precision construction reduces harmonic vibration for smoother high RPM dynamics. These driveshafts are zeroed out during final assembly for a true centric assembly without need for balance weights. Unlike a U-joint style driveshaft, the Rzeppa CV joint does not experience a significant loss in strength due to high angles. Our innovative features address all the shortcomings found in the factory style driveshaft without sacrificing the benefits. This is especially important on JK Wrangler/Unlimited models with 3”+ lift.

JK: Rear High-Angle Rzeppa CV Driveshafts:
JK: Front High-Angle Rzeppa CV Driveshafts:
1959110: JK: Transfer Case Yoke – High-Angle CV Driveshaft – Front or Rear
1959210: JK: Front Axle Pinion Yoke – High-Angle CV Driveshaft – 24-Spline
1959310: JK: Rear Axle Pinion Yoke – High-Angle CV Driveshaft – 24-Spline
1959400: JK: Dana 60 Pinion Yoke – High-Angle CV Driveshaft– Front or Rear – 29-Spline

Load sheet and product info attached.

Pre-release orders now!!!

Call, Email or PM us today to get your DRIVE SHAFTS

[email protected]

@[email protected]

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