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This is a Teraflex leveling kit for 07-16 JKU. I bought it from Extreme Terrain on Nov 9th 2015, Had it installed 11/23/15 and had it on the Jeep until 2/5/16 (so under 3 months). Decided to do a bigger lift. Price is $100 Local Pickup or $100 Plus shipping. When they took it off they lost a nut and washer, see in the pic one has a nut and washer and one does not. I have a couple nuts that fit, I also put in the box or you can have whomever installs it fit one on there. It's as you see in the pic I didn't save the original box or instructions. It's this leveling kit: Teraflex Wrangler Leveling Kit 1155200 (07-16 Wrangler JK) - Free Shipping

I am in south Florida in case you were considering local pickup, thank you.


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