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Texas Emmision laws Engine Swap

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So I am planning a swap on my 91 yj form the 2.5 to an 89 Chevy 5.7 I have looked up engine swap laws. Has anyone had any issues with inspection / or any DPS issues? Texas DPS web site states...

Engine Swaps
Rules regulating engine swapping are not make/model specific. The simple rule is that a vehicle must have all emissions components that were present when it was manufactured, which may include:

  • PCV - positive crankcase ventilation
  • ACL - air cleaner (thermostatic air cleaner)
  • AIS - secondary air injection
  • EGR - exhaust gas recirculation
  • EVAP - evaporative emission
  • CAT - catalytic convertor
  • SPK - spark control
  • FR - fillpipe restrictor
  • O2S - oxygen sensor
Looks like if I keep all the crap I am good.
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From a practical matter, they will just hook up a tailpipe sniffer and make sure that your emissions are within specs for 1991. (It might be a different story if your Jeep was 1996 and later with OBD2)

I did a swap in my 1995, and the inspection station has never even opened the hood to check anything - other states have much more vigorous exams.

In any case, I don't really see how you would benefit from leaving any of the emissions components off after your swap - put it all back in there.
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