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Finally got my wheel and mild lift on.
I went with 33x12.5x15 Duratracs on 15x8 Level 8 Trackers
and the Teraflex 1.5" Leveling Kit (Coils)
I plan on adding the Daystar .75" Comfort ride Spacers
for a half inch to compensate for the winch bumpers as soon as the
get their formula situated. Apparently they added t0o much dye to the
polyurethane and the spacers started falling apart on people. :nonono:

This weekend I will start my bumper mod with a hidden winch, grill gaurd,
and perhaps stubby the OEM and test my plastic welding skills.

Total want 35s no wish I would have just did the gears and got 35s.
Next year for sure.



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