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Well I finally got around and installed the lift in our Jeep yesterday. I have been reading lots of different threads on here before deciding on what to buy. I read the "Most Popular " one many times.

I decided on these pieces

TF 2.5" coil lift
Rancho 5000X shocks
Rancho lower CA brackets
Rock Krawler Bomb proof track bar
Core 4X4 lower control arms Tier 2 w/rubber bushing
Grade 8 bolt kit

I was looking for a very good riding lift, not worried about off road capabilities. This is on my wife's daily driver. I started at about 10:30am and pulled it out of the garage about 6:00pm that evening.

I got the Jeep in the garage and up on the stands and pulled the wheels off and started the operation.. I did the rear first. I pulled the shocks and the track bar off completely just to get some room under there. I had to the drop the parking brake line bracket to get enough drop to get the springs out. I set the stock #59 spring next to the TF one and was very surprised they were only about 1 3/8" different in height. huh?

After bolting the bump stop spacers to the axle I started to bolt the TB axle bracket to the axle and the threads were kinda buggered up on the U bolt. I had to chase the threads with a 1/2"X20 tap. Even then the stover lock nut didn't want to go on real easy.

I got the bracket tightened up and put the springs in, the track bar back in place loosely, the brake line relocation brackets on, and bolted the shocks on.
So far so good on the back, no major setbacks. On to the front.

I had already put a TF leveling it in this thing last year not long after we got it because it had case of the droop in the front, so I was already familiar with the front end. I never put the pucks in the rear because it set nice and level with just the 2" in the front, thats how bad it was nose down.
I pulled off the sway bar links, track bar, shocks, lower CA's, springs and all the other stuff that was holding the axle in or was being replaced.

I started with the Rancho brackets. They went in with zero issues, I replaced some of the bolts with new grade 8 and used some of the stock ones where needed. I did have to trim the heat shields that fit over the upper CA's mounts. A little surgery with some tin snips and was good to go.

After installing the extended bump stops, I got the springs wrangled in there and installed the Core 4X4 lower arms. These things are beefy for sure. The only thing I can see about them is the grease zerk is pointing straight down. Yes it makes them easy to grease but anyone that crawls over stuff is going to break these off in a heartbeat.

I jacked the axle up and was checking the shocks for full extension and seeing how the brake lines were going to be. Nope, way to short. Not sure what I am going to do to remedy this problem. Stay tuned for that.

I jacked the axle up and put the shocks on. I proceeded to jack the Jeep up and put the whole thing on stands on the axles to put weight on everything to finish tightening all the bolts.

I also got the Rock Krawler track bar measured up and test fit it on the axle. The length they give you in the instructions is 32 9/16" and I went with that. It seems pretty close. The biggest issue with the track bar is trying to tighten the lock nut's on the rod ends. They have a 1 1/4" nut on them and there is no way to do this on the Jeep. I never did figure out a good way to get them tight. There isn't a flat on the bar to keep it from spinning and I really didn't want to put a pipe wrench on it either. After lots of cussing I think I got them tight enough. I think the recommended torque is 200lbs? Yea right.

I crawled back underneath and tightened and rechecked everything again. I finished putting the tires back on and got it back on the ground. I was kind of disappointed after I measured the four corners. I only gained about 1 1/2" in the front measured at the fender lip, and 2" in the rear at the same point. I was very skeptical when I measured the springs side by side before I put them in. I was trying to convince myself they wouldn't sag as much as the stock ones so it would make up for the height.

It also is very low in the front and has the same nose droop as it did before I put the leveling kit in it last year. So here I am debating about pulling it back apart and putting the pucks back in it to get rid of the droop and maybe add another 1" of overall height.

This is the first lift I have ever installed, ever. I have built lot's of stuff over the year's, just never done the 4X4 thing.

The Jeep seems to ride very nice, even the wife said it feels good. We will see how this goes over the next few weeks after she drive's it some more.

Overall the parts I chose to buy are very good quality. The Core lower control arm's are nice, we will see how they hold up in the Michigan weather. The Rancho brackets look very well built and the finish is nice. The shocks seems to be a little stiffer but feel good.

The Rock Krawler track bar is HUGE and very heavy. I just don't know why they don't have flats on each end of it to hold it when tightening the locks nuts.

Now the next issue is fixing the front brake lines. I really don't want to replace the lines, I was hoping to try the relocation brackets and see how they work. If anyone has any ideas on the best approach to remedy this please let me know.

I am going to try and attach some pics to prove all this happened.

I hope this helps somebody that is trying to decide on what to do on their own Jeep.



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Just use large channel lock pliers and remove the brake lines from their original bracket and use 2 tie straps to secure them to the shocks.
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