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TF Leveling Kit Question

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I am about to pull the trigger on the leveling kit for my 2012 JKU but had a couple of questions.

From what I have read on here the forward lean on the Jeeps is there to help improve aerodynamics and thus gas mileage. If that is true has anyone noticed a change in their mileage after installing a leveling kit?

When you do raise the front end up does it have any effect on the accuracy of the dip stick?

My guess is that both gas mileage and oil level on the dipstick may be changed ever so slightly to the point where it probably does not matter but just something I was thinking about.

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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The forward lean or rake has nothing to do with aerodynamics, it's simply a slightly taller spring in the rear so that it will not sag too much when the rear is full of passengers and cargo. You can look at any vehicle and they all have a rake especially pick up trucks because of the heavy weight that can be put into the bed.

My gas mileage hasn't changed since the leveling lift and when the jeep is leveled it will have a more accurate oil fill reading rather than a jeep that has a rake. It would be no different then checking your oil on level ground as opposed to a slight hill.

I say do it as well, the Wrangler looks like a proper 4X4 when it's leveled out.
And gets rid of the stink bug stock stance! Do it.
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