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Thanks to everyone with the help with my wheel and tires questions. And - appreciate all the useful info here on leveling kits and lift kits.

I picked up a 2012 Jeep Wrangler for my daughter and wanted to put some nice wheels and tires on it, as I’d drive it on occasion. I decided on a Teraflex leveling kits and 33” tires.

Installing the leveling kit was more difficult than it needed to be for me. I haven’t wrenched on a car in some time - so I’m sure that made it more time consuming. Even with the Jeep on jack stands, shocks and trackbar disconnected, and the axel lowered to where it was hanging, I still had to use a pry bar to get the springs back in. Pain in the arse. And - getting the pucks to pop in the rear was a pain. Ended up using a bottle jack and putting a big socket over the top of the jack to have enough surface area to push the puck in place. And finally, the track bar didn’t want to line back up when on the ground - had to convince it over a bit.

On the tires and wheels, I was in contact with Discount Tire Direct and my local America’s Tire shop and decided to stay local. I got good pricing on the package locally - but ultimately made the decision based on the ability to have the local shop handle any issues that might arise (warranty issues).

I picked up American Outlaw Lonestar wheels, in matte finish, with a 10 offset. Love these wheels.

Tires . . . After much deliberation, I narrowed the tires to the Nitto Terra Grapplers and the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, both in 285/70R17. The shop mounted one of each tire for me - very helpful. A couple guys at the shop ran the Falken on their truck - the manager had the Nittos on his 4Runner and switched to the Falken. He said wet traction on the Nittos left a bit to be desired - some wheel spin in the rain - said the Falkens were much better in wet conditions. So - all considered, we went with the Falkens - liked the way they looked better too.

Anyway - thanks to the forum for all the help - were happy with the outcome.


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