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Lately, like within the past two months the CJ was leaving little table spoon size spots on the garage floor. This was new and worried me. Crawled under her and thought, CRAP the rear main is leaking. The drip was from the edge of the rear block/bell housing, where the starter is bolted in. OK so I cleaned it up to make sure. Checked the bolts and tightened gently.

Well dang it then after driving I noticed oil by the rear spark plug, and the edge of the valve cover was damp. More than damp, wet actually.

Wiped that off, then I noticed a trail down the leading edge of the bell housing, down to the starter, and you know where this is going. Valve Cover gasket was toast.

It was forcast to rain for the next 5 days so off comes the valve cover and lo-and-behold the gasket is cracked and just nasty. Figure its been on there for awhile. Just bolted it back on today, after cleaning it up and repainting a nice AMC blue.

The reason for this rant, I was freaking over the main seal until I searched on here. Located some posts about the rear area of the valve cover/gasket etc.

Used a Fel-Pro and RTV. Cleaned the threads on the bolts and seats.

Thanks to all who post on here !!! Your advice and knowledge helped me more than I can say.

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