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Thank You WF Members

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As some of you may or may not know ive been on here asking all kinds of nooby questions about installing my lift,my sye,what control arms to get,if i need adjustable track bars :confused: you get my point. i started this thread(with pictures of course) to thank all of you that gave great advice in helping me with my choices! I received a 4" teraflex suspension kit for christmas which came with springs,t-case drop,sway bar links,bump stops,track bar bracket & the dreaded drop pitman arm. So after asking around here i wound up using springs,sway bar links & bump stops and then adding to the kit(with wf input)advance adapters sye/tom woods driveshaft,front & rear adjustable upper control arms,front & rear adjustable trackbars,rancho 9000 adj. shocks,rancho 5000 steering stabilizer,currie shock relocaters & re front brake lines. This is the cool part i put this thing together with all the input from you guys and i havent had 1 issue with driveline angle,vibration,alignment,caster,toe!!! it handles great on the road at any speed with no sign of DW all the up to 75mph.What else can i say but THANK YOU for taking the time to answer the same old questions it is and was greatly appreciated!:)

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I'm new here and didn't help you at all. But that looks really good. I just bought the same thing you have, still all stock though. Have fun with it!
That's awesome. Look's super fine!

Welcome to WF, Dragon.
Looks really nice! I have a black rubi as well and I too have found WF to be the best resource I could have hoped for.
looks really good!!!:D

looks like your next project is to make a higher ceiling in your garage so you can get 35's and some more lift!!;) :) :p :D
Looks really nice! And I am one here who can appreciate a good garage shot. :D

Looks good!
I was worried when it was done if it was going to fit out of the door ! sad thing is i just built that garage last summer! and like an idot put in a 7ft door?! :confused: should have found a forum for that to:D
Looks really nice! And I am one here who can appreciate a good garage shot. :D

Looks good!
i was half tempted to put "picture influienced by simple scout" but didnt want to offend:D
Sweet looking Rubicon, good job man! :)
Excellent work Jeeper. I also just wanted to say that I and the others here that provide the majority of the advice will never try to push someone to buying something for their rig that they really don't need. We only give advice from what we know and use. Your Jeep looks great and you have a great setup to tackle a lot of terrain. Have fun with it and get some more action shots. :D
Have fun with it and get some more action shots. :D
definetly will! as soon as it dries up a bit, most of our trails are a little flooded. checked them out yesterday woulda needed a boat:)
looks like the next mod is a snorkel and a wet suit for you then
Thanks everyone I love it to!(my little black affair):)
wow looks great! I plan on getting a 4 inch suspension lift also
just curious, how long did it take you to install the whole lift?
great job and it looks amazing.. still shiny :) dont think it will last long that way lol..

Scout I like the kitchen shot better
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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