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I just wanted to take some time to say thanks to all the Jeep Peeps who take the time to post all the info on here. Last week i was running Pancake Rock here in SoCal and had a blast. On my drive home (about 90 miles) my YJ kicked out of 5th and the gear was gone. I was tripping out. I still had all the rest of my gears and was almost home so i went the rest of the way in 4th. When i got home i jumped on WF and saw that for my AX-5 tranny this was actually more common that you would think and the problem is the cheaply made snap ring breaks and the gear falls out of place. I also saw the posts highly recommending Consolidated transmissions in florida and their retaining clamp. I called them the next morning and they were fantastic and sent me everything 3 day mail so i could do the work on my day off today. The labor was a pin but fairly simple. If not for this forum i probably would have thought about replacing my tranny or paying to have it rebuilt. I saved a crap load of money by taking the time to search the problem. Thanks to everyone for giving back to the community.



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