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So it goes like this: While installing my SYE I noted chocolate milk in the transmission (AX-15 5 speed) I have owned this jeep for 3 years now and havent put but a few miles on it.. I know I did not get water in there, but it was there so I drained it, flushed it with 3 qts of cheap a** motor oil and about a pint of diesel. Ran it about 5 miles got the fluid all circumulated and drained the motor oil out and refilled it with 75-90W GL-5 as the manual recommends.

a week later and I am hearing a whine in 5th gear (it's the synchro) that will go away only when I shift out of 5th, OR place my hand on the shifter. You can sorta hear this whine in other gears but not nearly as bad. I am thinking - - maybe I should put some water back in there.... So I start searching on here and viola: Multiple threads addressing what to put in your AX-15 and how the manufacturer now recommends 10w-30 synthetic engine oil. NV-3550 and a whole bunch of whatever about GL-3 vs GL-4 vs GL-5. Heck I dont even remember who posted it but it said: "GL-5 gear oil has something in it that eats brass synchros"

Changed it again today - put in synthetic 10W-30 and the whine is unnoticeable in 1-4 and MUCH MUCH quieter in 5th.

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