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There have been a few posts about some people getting a $500 voucher in the mail when requesting a brochure for the 2013 Wranglers. I ordered a brochure a few weeks ago but it hasn't arrived.

A few people have posted that they have either called IAMJEEP or had the dealers look up a certificate number and had the credit applied to their purchase. Since I took delivery of my Jeep yesterday afternoon but hadn't received the brochure, I called IAMJEEP to get the scoop while I was driving to the dealership.

Luckily I got hold of an extremely knowledgeable and helpful woman in the incentives department who explained it to me. She asked my name and ZIP code, then checked and told me I was not one of the people who was issued the $500 voucher in the brochure. She stated that it was not necessarily geographically based, but they send the $500 to random people who request brochures, and the percentage of people that receive them is higher in certain locales than in others, but she clarified that not everyone who requests a brochure will receive the incentive. If you have not requested a brochure then the incentives people cannot award you one over the phone, so anyone with a pending order or near future purchase would be wise to go online and order the brochure for the chance at $500 off.

Short story, you may get one, you may not, but you certainly do not need to have it in your possession in order to get the incentive at closing.
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