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So I've purchased a dream of mine, which happened to be an '05 Wrangler Unlimited. Sits high, rides with power, a couple noises here and there of course... But it's a machine after all. Here is what I wanted to ask though, current configuration (best I could figure out):

- Mystery Lift with black springs and plain white shocks, Skyjacker TC lowering bar above skid plate, TC Shifter bracket - Pro-Comp ES-2000 steering stabilizers
- 32" BFG All-Terrains
- Chrome ( I know...) tubular bumpers and steps.
- Some other random things.

- DPG Off-road Ultimate kit.
- 255/85-R16 BFG Tires.
- Nth Degree tummy-tuck.

Will I be alright exchanging current lift with DPG Ultimate, replacing TC drop with the tummy tuck, and using get Novak cable TC shifter and Tom's Double Cardan CV for front and rear? Are there any other components I need to remember to adjust? That's probably as far as I want to take my Wrangler (for now), hope for your input.
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