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While we're known for soft tops our heart is still out on the trail. Over the last few months we've made it a point to get out and write about some of these experiences. We've been sharing them on our site but I thought some of the more trail/trip pieces we've done might be of interest here as well.

Here is one we recently published about what to expect on the Rubicon. It has lots of info and some great photos - all provided by our friend Harry Wagner.

Rubicon Trail 101
What You Need To Know About The World’s Most Famous 4x4 Trail

Every off-roader who has ever shifted into low range has either made the trek to the Rubicon Trail or has it on their bucket list. It is like mecca, and for good reason. Not only is the Rubicon a challenge to man and machine, it also boasts incredible beauty and remoteness. These are the qualities that inspired the staff of Roco 4x4 to come all the way from Florida to California for RAW in 2019. RAW is shorthand for Roco Adventure Week, an annual event organized by Roco 4x4 for their customers and suppliers. Each year they go somewhere different; very different. We aren’t talking about various mud parks in Florida. Last year it was Honduras. Next year is Morocco. But this year they started in Las Vegas and went through Death Valley and up the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Range in route to the Rubicon Trail.


for the rest of the story you can find it here.

- the Bestop Team
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