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Meet the "Lock-N-Load" (Patent Pending ID# 14/469,438) - our solution for Radius Arm Bind.

As we started developing a long-arm kit for TJ, we knew doing a radius arm would be an easier install and a better fit for many of our customers.

The challenge with radius arms is the binding that occurs at full articulation, which not only limits travel, but can put extraordinary stress on your joints (premature wear is common).

The Lock-N-Load is our offering of a solution.

How does it work? The Lock-N-Load contains springs that allow the arm to move in and out in a slow, controlled, manner - eliminating the bind that may be caused by the radius arm.

In addition, you can "Lock-It" by a few turns of the arm (notice the wrench flats) which removes its compression capability, allowing for more stability for every day driving.

Here you can see it in position on the front of Cloak1, our shop TJ.

In essence...

The Lock-N-Load

  • Eliminates Radius Arm Bind
  • Still Acts as a Fully Functional Rigid Control Arm
  • "Lock-It" for Daily Driving
  • "Load-It" for Trail Articulation
And, while it was developed to be part of our own TJ/LJ Long Arm Suspension System, it is currently available on our website as a standalone product.

Here is a short video that explains how it works and shows the arm in action.

Metalcloak Introduces The Lock-n-Load Upper Control Arm - YouTube

And, as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Learn more at Metalcloak.com
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