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Ok, I have seen the threads as all of you have also. :deadhorse:
Convenience vs unbridled spirit and fun
Family ride vs Single date magnet
My Jeep vs your Jeep and all that. :puke:They clog up the JK Forum with repeat information while helping the asking indevidual virtually none.:atomic:
Now what I propose is this. Help them decide for themselves while all members assisting with their own opinions.
We of course post pictures. and videos of members own rides. Jk's and JKU's alike in the mud, on a mountain, in the city, naked, fully clothed or just sitting in the drive way. Give the inquirers a view of what their life will be like if they owned one of the awesome machines. If you like a picture then copy it an keep it alive in the end there should be a mass of favorites and that will be the deciding factor of awesomeness.
If there is ever a question about which to buy let the get on this thread and see the uses of each and decide for themselves.
So lets see the Jk's competing against their arch rivals the JKU
and let the people decide.
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