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I have not seen this before this post either. Here is my $0.02. It works in the examples they give there, but notice a few details:

  • In the "wheel stuck in sand" example, someone must have dug out the sand around the wheel before attaching that device
  • They don't show any "stuck in mud" examples
  • They don't show any "stuck on/around/near rocks" examples
I think the last two would be really hard to use a device like this, rocks would shear off the extended tire bolts they are using to attach this, and you'd get really nasty when trying to attach this when your wheel is submerged in mud.

Additionally, about 80% of the usage of my winch hasn't been to pull myself out, it's been to pull out others who have gotten stuck. This device would not be useful at all for those cases. The wheel bolt pattern on the other vehicle would certainly be different from that on my vehicle, and replacing someone's lug nuts while they are stuck on a rock in the field does not seem like a fun time. Honestly, using it on another vehicle sounds really dangerous.

If it's really cheap then it might be a useful tool in the tool bag, but it isn't a replacement for a real winch.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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