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Throttle Body Spacer

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I have heard about people doing something to the throttle body to increase power. Can someone tell me what that really is. Also where I can get one for my 1994 wrangler 4 cylinder 2.5L?
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eBay got mine off of there for around $38 and you will also need to pick up a 4.0 throttle body. Really easy to do all of it took about 30 mins from start to finish. Make sure you have a tamper proof torques bit set and a grinder with a cut off wheel or something else to cut the throttle linkage stand. Just pull the old throttle body off take the accs off the sides and mount them on the new throttle body, while your at it might want to hit them with carb cleaner. Clean off gasket surface, put the new gasket from the kit then the spacer, next the other gasket and new throttle body and bolt it down with provided bolts. Next youl have to remove the throttle linkage bracket, on mine I had to get the rear support off to get it to clear the fuel rail. Use the spacers from the kit to shim the linkage up 1". Then reattach the plugs and throttle cable and your good to go!

When your doing this measure the inside of the new throttle body and make sure that the opening in the intake manifold is big enough, have heard of some guys having to grind out the manifold. Mine was plenty big enough though so you might not have to worry about it and mine was stock before this. Oh and if you get one get the helix spacer instead of the smooth one it give the incoming air a spin and helps combustion.
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