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Throttle control warning light and traction control warning light.

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2011 JKU, 157k miles. I replaced the fuel injectors over the weekend due to intermittent idle stumble and a code for injector 3. Well that seemed to have ruined everything. I got codes for multiple misfires and 4 different injector circuit codes. I took the plenum off again last night and rechecked all of my connections. After reassembly it barely ran and I got the flashing throttle control warning light as well as the traction control light. I couldn't even get my scanner to run. This morning I got it to scan and everything is wrong. P0108, P0201, P0203, P0205, P0300, P0302, P0504, P0601. With all of this going on it sounds like a PCM issue or the fuel injection wiring harness has gone bad. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts it is the 19th and not one single response...... hopefully by now you have figured out the cure....if not, before you start throwing more parts at it, I would suggest you examine/clean all of your electrical connections starting with both battery posts [assuming the battery is in tip top shape] and including all of your ground connections. Please let us know what fixes your problems!
low voltage or missing, dirty, loose, or damaged ground can affect many systems at once
three things need to all be well grounded together
1) battery
2) engine/starter/alternator/engine electronice
3) tub/pcm/body electronics

if indoubt run a temporary set of add on good ground triangle
Thanks for reviving my thread. So, I ended up getting another code similar to P0601, P0604 maybe. Both of those indicate memory failure on the PCM. So I sent it off to be rebuilt and just got it back today. The rebuilders sent a check list of everything to check before reinstalling and ruining it again. In checking for circuit faults, I'm getting varying resistances in my FI wiring harness. I'll be pulling the intake again tomorrow to check the new injectors and see if there's something baked in the harness...
So three of the injectors had high resistance, replaced those. The harness metered out fine. Put it all back together and and got all sorts of weird new codes. Shut it off, let it sit a bit and took it for a test drive. Ran great. The only code I got was for the EGR valve but that's been there forever. Problem solved, right?

This morning I take the kids to school and runs fine until I stop to drop the first kid off. Get back in and start it up and its missing all over the place. Run the scan and showing injector circuit 1 bad, missing on 1 and 6, and air flow sensor bad.

Sussing out the miss, I look through my log book and see that plugs and wires are only 18 months old with 13k miles on them. No record of the ignition coil being replaced. So I guess that's next? The air flow sensor might be a loose connector (the locking tab broke on one side).
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