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Throttle Sticking Intermittently ? 2004 Jeep Rubicon

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Throttle Sticking Intermittently – 2004 Jeep Rubicon

Hey all,
I’m again having another issue I can’t seem to troubleshoot on my own (huge surprise!) and since everyone was so helpful in my July (2014) and February calls for help, I’m back again.
Here’s the status: 2004 Jeep TJ Rubicon with manual trans and about 140K miles on the 4.0L stocker. Other than a cold air kit, the motor is stock and well maintained. Back in July, I was having an engine surging issue that turned out to be a bad IAC sensor. Last month, The Jeep’s throttle started sticking once in a while in the 1800-3000 RPM range, but only when I was driving in those RPMs (getting on the freeway, etc). Additionally, when I’d stab the throttle, it’d drop down to idle.

I started by inspecting all the vacuum lines, and they are all connected, flexible and serviceable from what I can tell. I pulled the throttle body to inspect it, and when I returned it, it got way worse, now sticking every time I hit the gas, so I though air leak. Tore it back down, pulled the new-ish IAC, the TPS and the MAP sensor and inspected them. The IAC sensor seemed to be protruding out further than it should, and since it was under warrantee, I took it back and picked up a new TPS and MAP sensor (were not replaced prior).

So now it’s 80% better, but it still sticks now and again, and stabbing the throttle releases it. I’ve also checked the cable and the foot pedal, to I’m open to ideas.

Bad CPU? Connectors? Exhaust leak? Gremlins? Democrats?
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Subscribing because I am having similar problems with my 06 LJ. Sticky throttle and also P0507 "Idle Higher than Expected" code. I replaced my IAC and TPS too with no avail. Most likely a vacuum leak. Can't chase it down,.. Been suggested to check the area around the intake gasket.
Also check the gasket that the IAC bolts into, between the throttle body and the IAC housing. Mine was torn when I did the original IAC replacement (not sure if I tore it, or if was tore). I ended up using a thin layer of RTV silicone to seal it up.

Alas, I have no code popping up on my issue. A friend suggested I look at the cable path. I re-adjusted my floor mat and carpet (event though it looked clear) and haven't had the issue this morning. We'll see if it holds through the drive home.
So update: After cutting the carpet back, and thoroughly checking the throttle cable, I came to the conclusion that the shaft that rotates the butterflys on the throttle body is causing the issue. I liberally lubed it (WD40 seems to work fine) and have since not had an issue. If that changes, I'll update.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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