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Hi All, hoping to get an opinion.

First off: 2012 JKUR, 6-speed manual, 3.5 RE Lift, 35" shoes, 23k miles.

Lately (last 3 weeks), I have been noticing a faint 'thunk' when letting of the clutch in first gear, about 1000-1200 rpm. One thunk and done, more feel then hear, but all passengers can feel it (so not just in the clutch pedal). The sounds is certainly coming from the rear drivetrain somewhere, but can determine where exactly.

It doesn't happen EVERY time, nor does it happen in other gears at the same RPMs nor in neutral. It happens at the point in shift where momentum is being applied to the drive train, pretty much at the 75% clutch travel point.

It is minor, but consistent enough to be worrisome. I suspect it might be something slipping in the rear diff. New Fluid there last summer at 20k miles. (It is my daily driver, but I travel a bunch so not so many miles per year).

Just curious if anyone had any suggestions before I haul it into the shop. Also, as it is minor, should I wait until it becomes more noticeable so the shop can diagnose it better?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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