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Timing help!

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98 TJ, 2.5L. Recently I've diagnosed a bad timing chain / tensioner, and I'm pulling everything to change it. I need help unscrewing this bolt. It holds the vibration damper / harmonic balancer in place. When I try and turn it the whole pulley spins and I get nowhere.

My Haynes manual says to put a bolt in the bolt hole then wedge a screwdriver between that and the socket to immobilize the crankshaft. Well... Tried that, and it bent the bolt.

Any advice?
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I had to do the same thing to my 99 2.5L I had to wedge a big screw driver(a friend helps too). They should have pullers at oreillys or autozone. While you're in there, might as well change the water pump too. Also, try your best when you're putting the timing cover back on to get the bottom oil pan gasket back in place. Your timing kit should've come with a new piece for it. But if you mess it up ( like I did) you get a leaky oil pan. I'm putting on a new gasket next week. Good luck and jeep track of the bolts.
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