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Tips on dealing with salt residue in engine bay?

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Please help me guys. My "new" 2006 tj arrived. She was resident for 3 months at the coast. Slight salt residue on everything in engine bay. Is this an issue? Any tips. Got hold with high pressure water jet and looks already better. Anything else that I can do?
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Add some lime and tequila:dance:

The big thing to be careful with under the hood are your sensors and air intake. Wrap them appropriately and you should be fine.
Salt-X = The best salt and salt corrosion fighter! is some good stuff but I'd just finish what you did by flushing the electrical connectors with WD40. Shake the excess WD40 out and reconnect the connections.
Like Jerry said, and Salt-Away is good too. You can get it at any marine store. I use it to flush my SeaDoos engines and wash down the trailer (including inside the frame) after using them in salt water. Both products work great. If you get the "kit" it comes with a hose attachment that properly dilutes the product as you spray it. Avoid the pressure washer or you are asking for electrical problems.
Thanks Guys. Appreciate.
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