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Tire Patches and Off-Road Safety

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I've had my Jeep for over a year, driven about 25,000 miles or more, and I recently got a small hole in my tire... I can see it on the tread in a flat-ish part, so I think it could be patched. I've gotten patches on cars in the past... lots of sharp debris in the Detroit area... but I've never taken those cars off-road. I was wondering if this would make off-roading on dunes and trails dangerous. Do people who take their Jeep on harder terrain drive it with patched tires or do you get new tires?
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Define flatish area? As long as its close to the center area it should be fine.

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I just pulled this out of our JL Saturday, no concerns about driving it off road for me, plus I have the spare still, when I rotate this one out I will possibly get it patched inside and out "professionally". I have driven 20k miles including light off road with a patched truck tire with no issues


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That's what I was hoping to hear! Thank you!
I had two tires, each with a nail in them. One was patched properly by Discount Tire and is holding up fine on and off road.

The other they said could not be done. I guess because it went in at a odd angle. However, I took it home and practiced using my trail plug kit. It was a massive pain, but I was able to get the plug in. I am not confident in it's use on the highway at high speed, but I am comfortable using it offroad. I currently have it as my spare, and filled to max PSI of 80. This way, I can even use it as emergency air to bring two tires up to street pressure after airing them down. It has only lost 2psi in over 4 months.
I carry a plug kit with me at all times. I've plugged my MTs with no problems.


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