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More caster means more stability, more the jeep wants to drive straight. And the steering will be a little slower.
Less caster means the jeep is less stable and the steering is more responsive. To a point that can be good, but beyond a point it stops being good.
All this has to be balanced against pinion angle. Adding caster back in by rotating the front axle housing affects your pinion angle. When you lift 3.5” or more you may have to start balancing caster with pinion angle, especially if you have an aftermarket front drive shaft.
Ok so I am t 4.25 with mc springs I am going to mopars and hoping to get 3.0 and 2.0 net from springs. I ll see what I get. I debating to use .5 spacer in front to keep jeep level and that would have me at 3.5

only thing is I am going to add .5 spacers on right side for gas tank lean. Would that mess any of this up since left would be 3.5 and right be 4.0

I might try no .5 spacers in front and see what 3.0/2.0 looks like but I think it won’t be high ennough in front to be level. Still haven’t decided if I try the 3.0/2.25 or the 3.5/2.25 but I am doing the gas tank lean spacers.
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