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Tire selection help needed...

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I'm putting new tires/wheels on my 09 JK and have narrowed it this Cooper AT's or Falken Rocky Mountains. I'm going with a 33" no lift. I do not do any off roading but want an aggressive tire look and can't afford Dura Dracs :(

Not sure on the wheels yet...I think I'm going with an 16". I'm not positive I like the big tire small wheel look and 17" tires/wheels are so expensive. I want black that's all I know...there are so many options out there...a very hard decision so pics of your favs would be appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions and opinions!
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Well, just FYI.. right now there is $60 rebate on Duratracs, plus $50 forum discount if you order 5, plus $100 rebate if you are a member of Tread Lightly. So after all the rebates and discounts, the Duratracs are the same price as the other tires...especially if you go with 15" wheels like everybody else.

That's what I the last second. And I LOVE my Duratracs so far.
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