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Tire selection help needed...

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I'm putting new tires/wheels on my 09 JK and have narrowed it this Cooper AT's or Falken Rocky Mountains. I'm going with a 33" no lift. I do not do any off roading but want an aggressive tire look and can't afford Dura Dracs :(

Not sure on the wheels yet...I think I'm going with an 16". I'm not positive I like the big tire small wheel look and 17" tires/wheels are so expensive. I want black that's all I know...there are so many options out there...a very hard decision so pics of your favs would be appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions and opinions!
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They're not always cheaper, when I bought my tires, the kellys cost more than my Duratracs in the same size. I got mine in 33x12.50x15 for $165 a tire, plus I got a rebate check for $80 after I bought them. got mine at
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