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tire size down grade?

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so im turning 32s on my 2.5 with stock gears and axles now. its got a 2.5" pro comp lift and the tires are going to be wearing out here pretty soon. im thinking of going down to 31s when it comes time to replace them as I don't really off road anywhere without my friends who all have stock SUVS or pickups with stock 235 65 ish tires. what advantages would I see with this switch? better mileage? I know more noticeable power. will it look terrible with my lift? should I just pony up the extra money for the 32s?
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D2K47 said:
You'll be fine if not better with 31, think about the better flex you'll get, that's a huge benefit along with less strain on axles, shouldn't be too much of a difference, its all up to you buddy.
I agree, one inch you will not notice (1/2 inch or less on clearance) and the tires will be less expensive. Lose a few pounds too. It may help with mileage but not certain about that depending on your rig. Looks? Don't think you will notice, or it may look like you have more lift. I have the 1 inch lift with 30's and people ask me all the time what lift I have, 2 or 3 inches.
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