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Tire Size

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I will be replacing tires on my Wrangler in the next month or so. I have an 04 Columbia Edition and would like to go up in tire size without having to lift it or damage the drive train. What is the largest size that I can go up to with out any modifying anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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If I was new to the forum and the first responder to my question was XJ I would prob ignore him because of his crazy avatar. He actually is pretty sharp though.
Should I expect any issues to arise with any type of additional wear and tear on anything? Again, thank you.
No, you should be fine. That being said TJ Wranglers came with 3 different wheels stock. What stock wheels do you have. The Canyons are 15x8's. The Grizzly's are 15x7's. and the ravines I dont' recall. You would probably have to add a washer or two to the steering stops for the 15x7's although I know people who were fine without them and those that needed them.

If your not sure what Wheels you have post a pic of your Jeep here
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