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Hi ya'all,

Some of you may know me from my post on how to install a remote starter cheap quick and easy. Hope that thread was helpful.

I am on my second Wrangler. First was a 2dr sport automatic. Winters I ran with studless ice and snow tires from Bridgestone. For the other three seasons I went with oem sized (29in) duratracs.
The vehicle had Rancho 7000 and the bolts changed out. The reason i run snow tires is for emergency response, it just makes the difference for me...

Driving is 80% paved road with the occasional 20% mild off road (usually during a rescue). One specific time where i had an issue with the 2dr JKU running 29's comes to mind where I had to back up and go around an obstacle. I was going up a steep hill and the rear bumper came in contact with the ground when leaving level terrain.

The purpose of this thread is less of what works, and more of is going away from stock necessary.

The new vehicle is an automatic 3.21 axle ratio Oscar Mike JKU. Comes stock with 255/75-17 (32s). I contemplate getting 33s duratracs, a 2 inch leveling kit (2 inch rear, 1 inch front) and longer brake lines. I will keep the stock "bolts" and just retorque them with the new setup.

What am I missing in the parts list, and should I mess with 33's or shoot for 35s?. The front sway bar will never be disconnected, would like to keep the stock fenders, etc. Basically just not looking for major suspension upgrades just tire lift and to keep my pricing as low as possible and keeping the jeep more to the stock configuration.

The next question, 15's 16's or 17's? Not going for a bling look, steelies work well for me.

Please post your recommendations for me as well as pictures and videos are always a big help.

Thanks in advance.
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