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Hello everybody

I have a Jeep TJ 99. A few months ago it started to studder between 100 and 110 km/h. The check engine turns on but there is no code. After 3 rides where I do not go at this speed and that it does not studder, the code clears. I suspect the sensor of the crank or cam. I did a visual inspection and the wires and others components but there is nothing apparent.

Advise is welcome
What is your opinion?
Have you had this problem?
Where do I start?

I want to try to change sparks-plug, wire, rotor and distributor cap. Is it a good idea to start with that. The motor turn very well. It was 18 years old motor. Well maintained.

I have found several posts reporting this problem but none with a clear solution.

Thank you for your contribution
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