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I've acquired some spare parts here I'm no longer needing. Would prefer a local sale, but willing to ship if you cover it. Zip code is 65616. I have two sets of door surrounds. Both are well used but in decent shape. One set has a crack in one of them. It's on the inside lip of the channel the soft top clips onto, so it can't be seen unless looking from the top down and it does not affect function in any way, but it's there. This set is also missing the cap on one of the attaching pins. The other set is undamaged including attaching pins. Both of these are factory surrounds. Also have a factory soft top windshield channel and tailgate bar. Tailgate bar does not have the brackets with it. Here's what I'm looking to get out of these:

Cracked surround set: $60

Undamaged surround set: $90

Windshield header and tailgate bar together: $50
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