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tj frame rust

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So I was under my jeep and saw some rust behind the a arms(trailing arms? Not sure on wording there).. I'm having trouble uploading pics but I will once it goes into Photobucket..
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First two are the drivers side and the last is the passenger side..


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What would be my course of action here? I've found a site through searching here that sells replacement pieces of frame (I think but I can't find anything for the front of the frame..
Oh boy, that's a lot of rust. You may need a full replacement frame there if the rest of it looks that bad.
Well the rest doesn't really look bad.. Obviously its not "good" but certainly a hell of a lot better then that.
Gooo! I'm with BLK00TJ, that is looking like a candidate for a full frame replacement, but you maaaaay be able to sneak a repair or two on their if it's not too rotted. Start with Auto Rust Technicians. They sell all sorts of weld on parts for the frame, arm mounts etc. Here is their website: Safe T Cap frame repair kits.

They sell stuff like in the pic which could solve your problem if there's enough good metal to weld on to.

I've never used them though so don't have any experience with their parts.


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It looks like there is plenty of frame left to weld to along the top. It feels solid most of the way around, I think I caught it before it was too late..(famous last words..)
i think i am going to have to look into this.
The Safe T Caps from auto rust are great. I put some on my 78 cj5.
I was speaking with Dave from Auto Rust Tech via email and he advised me that the have the frame sections that I need, so I will most likely be ordering sometime here in the next couple days.. I think she may be saveable!! :D
Hope it all works out for you. Can I talk you into putting some POR15 on before she's all back together again?

I'm just south of you and surprised at that amount of rust. Did that Jeep come from closer to the coast?
You don't have to talk me into it, I am already planning on it!
I really don't know where it came from, I purchased it from an "as-is" lot and didn't really get a whole lot of info..
is that POR 15 brush on or spray on?
i would like to do that before the first snow.
You can get POR 15 brush and spray on. I also like waxoyl it spray inside of the frame rails.
Hey, Brookville! Howdy neighbor!!
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