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Hey guys,

I know there isn't much action up here in New England but I have some half doors and uppers that I really don't need anymore; was going to have them sprayed yellow and decided screw it because it's barely ever got doors on in the summer anyways and sits in a garage.

I have them priced at the can't-really-find-many-of-them-on-craigslist price with the uppers; I know I searched and searched when I "wanted" them and this was about the lower end of the asking prices (and still is), but I'm open to offers.

I can't ship these, it would be a huge ordeal.

Here's the NH Craigslist (I live on the Mass Border):

1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Half Doors + Uppers

Like it also says, I have a set of 5 Canyons with good tires as well and those are OBO
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