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2" BDS Spring Lift 417H

2000 Sahara 4.0, manual, D30/D44

Lift: BDS 2" Spring Lift w/ NX2 shocks
Front Track Bar: MetalCloak adjustable
Wheels: 16x7 ZJ rims, about 5” BS (from PO)
Tires: GY DuraTrac 245/75/16 (31 x 9.5)

Gained 2" lift, stock bumper
Dropped about ½” with cheap stubby bumper & winch
Springs measure 13.5" at ride height
Total shock travel 9"
Shocks measure 4.75" up-travel at ride height
Required 1.25" bump stop extension, shock limited

Gained 3" lift, stock bumper, stripped bed, frameless top
Springs measure 11" at ride height
Total shock travel 8.25"
Shocks measure 5.00" up-travel at ride height
Required 1.5" bump stop extension, shock limited

The extra inch of rear lift due to light weight rear and shorter D44 driveshaft required over 3/4" t-case drop to eliminate driveline vibes. Hopefully I can reduce or eliminate the t-case drop with a BL and MML in the future.

What’s Missing
Anyone who’s done a little searching knows there’s more to lifting a jeep than just taller springs and shocks. You’ll definitely need a plan and budget to sort out the driveline vibes, account for the bump stops, and longer front/rear swaybar links. I didn’t need an adjustable track bar at this lift height but mine was toast and the MetalCloak can be rebuilt and will grow with the jeep.

I’ve put about 7000 miles, 5 wheeling trips, and one rust-belt winter on this kit. On the street the ride is much better than stock even with my light weight rear. The ride further improves when loaded with wheeling or camping gear. It also handles much better with less lean in the corners.

This is a great 2” spring/shock combo allowing good front and rear articulation. The shocks work well to control bouncing when searching for grip on steep obstacles and the side-to-side motions on rough terrain. Haven’t noticed any fade yet.

The winter salt took its toll on the shocks. Despite limited winter use and constant pressure washing the shock bodies have already started rusting. If you live in the rust belt I suggest a couple of extra coats of paint before install (same can be said for my Rancho steering stabilizer). The springs and MetalCloak track bar still look great though.

Overall I’m very happy with this kit and would recommend it to anyone looking at 2 to 2.5 lifts. In the future I'll add a 3/4 spacer to the front springs when I do the BL & MML to level things out and make room for 33s.


201 - 201 of 201 Posts