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Hi Everyone,

I am asking the same question I asked some time back but I have a better idea now of what I am doing.
I want to lift my Jeep. I have been reading other peoples threads and it seems that once you go to a certain point, you need to start changing lots of other things too, so
Can I install 2" RC Coils, New Shocks, A 1" Body lift and run 31s without changing gearing on a 2.5 4 Cyl TJ?
I live in a very flat part of the world in Florida. I suppose I'm really looking to do this for appearance rather than for off roading, However should the opportunity present itself, I would like to be confident about it.
Also If I am correct in thinking that I can do the above, what else would I need to do and what parts would I need!
Many Thank's to all for what I am sure will be useful instruction :thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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