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Tj no asd porwer

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My 2001 tj is not getting power to asd relay. I have no crank or turnover NOTHING. No power to radio the dash so no dash light also where my obdll plugs in has no power so I cannot read codes and fuel pump doesn't come on. I've checked the grounds, new battery I've load tested it and all connections are good. Everything that is new is I changed out ecu that's been programmed, new ignition switch. I've tested and checked all fuses and relays everything is good. I get power on one pin in asd relay but I can run a hot wire straight from battery to another pin on relay everything works. My fuel pump and everything kicks on and it will crank and run. I think it's something that is fried or a connector came loose .. I've been working on it for over a week now. Thanks any input will help
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If you are getting key on power but no constant 12v power to the relay through the red/white wire you need to recheck fuse 9 in the PDC. If good check the wire, it goes from the fuse to the relay & also splices & goes out to the PCM for its constant 12v power. Wires under the PCM are known to have corrosion usually at the terminal crimp & lose continuity.

I don’t see that keeping the starter from cranking the engine but would definitely keep it from starting.
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