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TJ not starting... Starter/Battery??

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Took the Jeep out for a run today, and crossed a clear water stream, about 2 feet deep with water.. Jeep run perfect, but when I got home, I cant start it again... When I turn the key, Theres just a click from the starter and nothing more.. Luckily Im living on a hill, so could give it a running start to get it back into the garage..

No sure if its the battery, as there was no problem before, and the volt meter is not dipping when I turn the key.. Could it be the starter, could the water cause the starter to die/drown...??

Any ideas..??
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when you say "a running start" do you mean you are popping the clutch?
Leeroy Jeepkins said:
when you say "a running start" do you mean you are popping the clutch?
Yip, popping the clutch whilst running down hill..
Almost certain the starter has a small drain tube. Have you tried again? Your girl throwing any codes?

Did you try the "down hill pop the clutch to start her?"

Let us know pal.

bumping. the starter has a drain?(i'm a newb) could some rust prevent the starter rod(for lack of better terms) from pushing forward and connecting to the flywheel?
Pulled the starter off and test it on.. It kicks in and only make a humming noise, but not turning at all.. So pull it apart and notice that the brushes are badly worn and the contacts on the armature has seen a lot of use.. With a bit of time on my hands, a bit of sand paper, wire brush and grease I done a very small/simple overall on it...

With not much hope, I put it all together again and test it... and guess what, this time it kicks in and turn, so back on the Jeep and try it again.. Perfect... Working!!

So now have to order some new brushes, for another day when Im bored and want to pull the starter apart again...
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