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TJ OEM Stereo Wattage

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Does anyone know how many watts per channel the OEM head unit puts out on a TJ? I just picked up an '03 TJ, and it doesn't seem to be very loud. I'm not trying to rock the block, but even doing 45mph with the top down, it seems like you have to really roll the volume dial up to get it loud enough to hear it.
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That's funny, but sounds about right. I pulled the grills off of the sound bar, and dash speakers, and they've been upgraded to Infinity Reference speakers, and the center console is a Kicker....From what I can tell, this WAS a 7-speaker system, but when the speakers were upgraded, they only put a 4x6 in the dash. They reused the stock plastic "box", and made the 4x6 fit it.
If you have upgraded speakers but still have the OEM radio, change that ol' beast out! As ibuildembig said, the stock only puts out MAYBE 10 watts RMS per channel; any decent aftermarket radio will put you closer to 20 watts RMS. Alpine also makes a power pack that is easily installed with an Alpine stereo to bump the wattage up to 45 RMS per channel. Those Infinity's are begging for more power and a cleaner signal, and once you replace the radio, I'm sure you'll get closer to the sound you want.
That's my plan, eboven. I've got a buddy who works for Sony- he hooked me up with a new headunit, so I may pull the dash apart this weekend and install it.
you're on the right track. Upgrading the head unit will make a notiacble difference! :dance:
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