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Greetings Everyone,
I'm new to the Wrangler lifestyle, but have been a WWII Jeep lover and restorer for many years, currently owning a 1944 Ford GPW dedicated to my father's WWII unit, the 535th Anti Aircraft Artillery-Automatic Weapons Battalion, Utah Beach, 6 June 1944 first tide.

A few months back I bought a 1997 TJ SE for a little more comfort on those long trips. The Jeep ran so-so, but it did have a bunch of issues, most of which I was able to solve by reading the posts on this forum.

As a "Thank You" for access to all of this free info, I thought I would post my problems and solutions for others to consider.

Purchased in August 2012, the jeep ran good and rough at various times, it took 2, 3, and sometimes 4 turns of the key to get it to fire. Some sputtering, with varying gas mileage from good to "oh crap where did it all go" It did thow a code or two, all within the oxygen areas (sorry, can't recall the numbers). Has/had 187K+ miles on it.

The pre-cat sensor had been cross-threaded and was leaking. Replaced, but still ran rough.

Replaced the Idle Air Control sensor, ran a little better.

Cleaned throttle body, replaced the throttle postition sensor and found the O ring was shot, cleaned and replaced O rings for the injectors. Ran a little better than before.

Found a vacuum hose hanging by the right front fender..mystery hose..then I found the hidden black box inside the fender, under the battery tray. Clipped the cracked hose back a little and fit it back onto the box. Ran Even Better-

Discovered another leak at the underside of the intake manifold...okay, a few bolts had worked out and fell off, causing a vac leak. Ran really good after the fix.

Fire Issue:
Replaced the fuel pressure regulator, still had to crank on and off a few times to start. Checked fuel pump and found the lowest filter had come off. The prev owner had said he dorked around with the pump in the past, so I focused on this part.

Removed the pump 3 or 4 times, and finally on a bench test, I saw the fuel was being pumped, but was just pumping back into the tank, rather than up into the top portion, kind of like a water fountain. The dealers out here could not give me, or even find an exploded view of the pump assy. It looked like something was missing but what? Anyway I did the following;

If you think of the pump in 2 sections. The lower assy with the float and sender as one, and the top part that holds the regulator as 2.

Even though the top has a stem that leads down to the lower assy and pump, and is connected with silver metal tube, there did not appear to be any O ring or seal on the top portion of this metal connector tube. Don't know if one is supposed to be there due to the lack of an exploded view diagram.

Not wanting to spend the money on a new assy, I took a clear plastic hose suitable for gas, and found it fit real snug inside the metal connector tube, and real snug on the stem from the top portion (2).

I cut it a little longer than the metal connector tube and stuffed it in. A bech test showed a steady flow into, and out the regulator.

Once the pump was put back in, the jeep fired right up, first turn of the key, and still continues to fire quick. Did a SeaFoam treatment in the oil and gas and it runs fantastic.

Almost all of the issues with this jeep were due to lack of maintenence, unfortunately the prev owner provided a lot of info about this jeep's condition that proved to be flat out lies, which would have saved me a lot of time and some money had he been honest. Oh well....

Sorry for the long post, hope this helps somebody with similar problems.

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